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Healing through sound,

 meditation and Reiki involves consciously working with the energy in your body to create positive shifts allowing a return to wholeness and wellbeing. If you are wanting to heal, continue your healing journey, or if you simply want to relax and refresh then sound healing is the perfect tool to set and facilitate the safe and loving space you need to make incredible changes.

As an individual who facilitates healing, I hold fast to the TSHA core values of:
LOVE - Compassion, forgiveness, expectance, and kindness.
INTEGRITY - Honesty, authenticity, embodiment, presence.
GENEROSITY - Service, leadership, abundance, joy.

At a very young age I began experiencing anxiety. My thoughts were like chaos and confusion. When I developed into my teens, I was drowning in panic attacks. I was hospitalized twice before finally understanding what was happening. A nurse sitting in the ER with me gently talked me down when she realized what was going on. After my second very enlightening visit to the ER, I confronted my parents about the issue. As it turns out, panic attacks run in the family.
What did a panic attack feel like for me?  It can be a normal day with seemingly nothing wrong. It can be conscious or subconscious triggering event.  My heart will begin to beat out of rhythm, I begin to sweat and I get fearful something is wrong with my heart. Then I get dizzy and my vision blurs. My breathing becomes shallow and quick. My heart beats faster as I begin to cramp through my entire body. It’s painful like a calf cramp. Then I begin to hyperventilate and it feels like I cannot breathe. I am unable to walk or move, and my vision goes dark. I feel like this is the end, I am dying. This is a panic attack for me.
What caused my panic attacks? Avoidance. I never learned the importance or even the concept of setting personal boundaries as a child, and that snowballed into so many discomforts and unspoken expectations that I did not know how to acknowledge, move through or communicate. Instead I would ball up all those emotions, and shove them deep inside. This caused tremendous suffering as life went on (Suffering I refer to as my initiation because this suffering was my greatest teacher). These emotions are powerful energy. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. So what happens to all that intense negative energy I directed into my body? That energy piled up and festered. It not only created dis-ease in my body, but when there was no possible room left to shove this energy it would come out in occasional tantrums or panic attacks.
The impact of meditation:  I knew I could not maintain existence like this. I knew I could feel better and do better. I found a mentor and I started doing the inner work peeling back layer after layer. Shifting my perception and setting healthy boundaries, learning to have patience with myself and celebrate the small wins.

Meditation in the beginning for me was miserable. In fact, I would get headaches and nausea. My mind was so chaotic, noisy, and an organized disaster that made the act of meditation feel like I was mentally being jerked rapid and harsh like a rag doll. But I kept at it because I was being told it would get better, and it becomes easier. And so it did!
How did I get into sound healing? I knew nothing about sound healing, yet I was led in this direction. My grandfather was a musician as was my father. As a young child I would grab tuning forks, lay down with my eyes closed, bang them together and hold them up to my head. Inherently as a small child, I was using sound healing. I would see colors with my eyes closed, feel tingling and vibrations as well as hot and cold in my body. I would feel refreshed and at home in my heart. Flash forward to 2022, I found myself in a local crystal shop buying a set of sound bowl, and I really  wasn’t sure what I was doing, I just felt led to do so. A couple months later I received a message from my mentor and dear sister that I should sign up for The Sound Healer’s Academy and it would be just what I needed to learn, answer all my questions and guide me in a community of healers.
So here I am! A graduate of The Sound Healer’s Academy, a Reiki Energy Healer and Meditation Facilitator. I am continuing my education to provide a unique space of healing to accommodate all the little nuances of the human existence. Sound Healing, meditation, and Reiki gave me a clean foundation to begin my inner healing. It calmed my mind and body, moved stuck energy and gave me freedom. It was the preparation I needed to truly begin healing. I will always be a work in progress, I will always have something new to learn and experience. I am free from the weight of the chaos I was drowning in.

With the deepest love and devotion, I am grateful to serve you and hold that same space for you to begin and continue your healing journey.

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